Saturday, December 20, 2008

A New Day, A New Idea

We learned today that we have won tickets to President-Elect Obama's Inaugural Swearing In Ceremony on Jan. 20, 2009 via the office of our newly elected federal Representative Martin Heinrich of Albuquerque.

We started to make plans to attend the inauguration even before he was elected (crossing our fingers) as we called members of a gay/lesbian travel club we are members of who live in the DC area. "If he's elected we want to come to the inauguration. Have you still accommodations for the event?"

Startled, no one had called them yet, Patrick said, "Yes, we have room. You are the first to call." Their entry in the club's directory said they were a Buddhist/Jewish/Agnostic household. We felt we'd be right at home. After our first inquiry on the phone, Patrick had "googled" us, to see what kinda guys we were. He came up with a picture taken of the two of us a couple of years ago when we participated in a SoulForce demonstration in Colorado Springs, Co. against religious bigotry. Just goes to show you, whatever one does from here on out, its bound to get on the web. In this case it was a plus in building rapport with our hosts.

A few days later Patrick let us know what good friends they were proving to be. Rooms, floors, driveways in DC are going for up to $1,000.00/nite for folks looking to have a place to stay for the inauguration. Thank heavens they love Santa Fe and we hope to return the hospitality soon.

This is the beginning of a blog we want to use to stay in-touch with friends and family on our various journeys............physical and other wise. We hope you'll want to check-in from time to time.

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