Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a few days before we depart for DC on Jan. 15th. We'll be in the city for a few days and hope to post some entries here about the city, peoples and feel of the upcoming events.

We practiced our best Minnesota/Northern New Mexico cold weather gear on Christmas Eve when we went to Taos Pueblo for their sunset mass, processional of the Virgin Mary, huge bonfires blazing, gun shots going off----all in 14 degree weather. We kept pretty warm and believe we are ready for the long standing wait for the inaugural swearing in ceremony. These pics of us were taken on Christmas Day, walking on a country road leading to a "Morada", the traditional Northern New Mexico Penetente site of worship. (No pictures, sketching or painting allowed!)

Also posted here is a picture of the invitation we just got to the Inaugural Ceremony itself. I've sprinkled "Cherokee Trail of Tears Dent Corn," a variety we are working to save and re-establish as a viable genetic seed source. We got them from Jardin del Alma, the organic farm we are involved with outside of Truth Of Consequences, NM. Michael and I plan to carry them in our pockets for the ceremony, hold some up at the point of swearing in, and have them to give to any of you who would like a bit of the ceremony to grow in your gardens next year.


  1. Dimid,

    I would love some corn. I have been saying that I need to plant some in my garden. This would be victory corn in a locavore's garden.


  2. What a beautiful idea Dimid. I would love to have a few kernals of corn to plant; to grow some hope for the future of us all.

  3. Dear Dimid and Michael ... thank you for going and putting so much of your "selves" into this ceremony. You being there represents those of us who can't spend the TREMENDOUS energy required to get there, be there, and to stay warm. Be well and travel safely.