Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the Mall today

Hi, We got down onto the Mall this morning....seeing the crowds is slightly warmer today..............tons of media vans, the toilets run on for blocks and blocks.

Biggest celebrity spots today (the only so far actually), Candy Crowley, (who we love) has followed the Obama campaign for CNN, she was on the train yesterday coming into DC with the Obamas and Bidens......When we recognized front of the Newseum........she said Hi and I yelled out a second later, "We love you Candy," She turned and gave us a big sweet smile and we bowed to her.
Then shortly later we saw Joe, in the Morning (in pic above, who we don't like) from MSNBC.....he was stopping for pictures at the MSNBC booth.....

We were headed to the Vietnam Memorial, but it was sealed off for the concert at Lincoln Memorial....we decided not to try and get in for that, with ALL of Tues. we will be standing out in the cold for the really big event......
Stopped and bought souvenirs on our way back to the wonderful home we are staying at.....a few blocks from DC Convention Center. (Any body got a request for a t-shirt, button or stocking cap?) Just let us know.....the large pic of Obama above is from a poster we bought, 2X3 feet. We met the artist as we were looking at it..............She had a whole show of Community Organizers....Ghandi, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela at a great coffee shop........

Like many of you, we just watched the President-Elect speak at the Lincoln Memorial...........and feel embraced in his call for re-igniting the American spirit, each revealing it for all of us.....together.


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful updates and pictures. We are so happy that you are there and can tell us about it first hand. I sent the blog link to Charlie and Marcus and they are loving it too. Keep warm.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this blog, it's great!! I am going to share it with a few of my friends so they can hear a first-hand account of this historic event! Here's a link to a letter Mr. Obama wrote to his two daughters, it is a wonderful example of why I am proud to call this man my president: