Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Came across this guy while the helicopter was flying overhead to take the Bushes to Andrews Airforce Base to fly home to Texas. Many people booed and gave them the one finger wave.

A few more quick pics to comment on later....Dimid

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  1. Thanks for reporting on your activities. We loved knowing you were there as we celebrated at a neighborhood Inauguration Party -- 10 of us with mimosas, tissues, and snacks followed by a brunch of "New Year's" foods. We were moved by everything and everyone we saw. Thanks for the clip of Aretha singing -- that was one of many highlights. I see the hat industry making a comeback if her chapeau is any kind of portent.

    We were in TorC this past weekend -- mid 70's and mostly sunny.
    Come home and warm yourselve!

    Nina and Jack