Saturday, January 17, 2009

In a VERY cold Washington, DC

The very first picture is a statue by Alan Houser, the most famous Native American Sculptor and from New Mexico. It's in the National Native American Museum. We saw the original in Houser's sculpture garden outside of Santa Fe, earlier this fall. Next is a picture of a man in front of three Native statues. This man was going all around DC. and having his picture taken with this pic of Obama "for my grandchildren," he said.
Next pic is of one of the temporary Cell towers mounted all around DC. to handle the HEAVY traffic expected by cell phone calls, pictures and text messages being sent by the millions on Inauguration day. And then you have the Obama cookies.

We arrived in DC on Thurs. the 15th without any incidence......but almost the first news we heard was of the miraculous plane landing in the Hudson River off of Manhattan.......what incredible images and stories of full blown humanity in action.,.......
Yesterday, Friday the 16th we went down to the Capitol area to meet our newly elected Representative, Martin Heinrich. He was recently elected to take the seat vacated by Heather Wilson from Albuquerque. We applied and won lottery tickets from this office so we had to go and pick them up. Here is a picture of Steve Haro, senior staffer, Michael, Me and Elizabeth Hill, receptionist. While in the office we met Martin (very briefly) and Steve offered us tickets to the New Mexico Inaugural Ball. It's in the DC Convention Center, only 4 blocks from where we are staying. The convention center is also the site of the Hawaii AND Illinois balls, SO it's a very good chance the Obamas will be in the ready, we'll be lettin' ya know......

Our host here, Patrick has enough tuxedos to spare (this is DC after all), so this afternoon we are trying on outfits for this black tie event. My brother David will be joining us also.

Walking around the Mall we found where we will be standing on Inauguration day. Here's a pic of about where we will be......(I'm learning how to post pics on this thing and they aren't coming in the order I'm talking about them.....)

While scoping out the situation for inaugural day we were interviewed (very briefly) by some Arabic film crew. And of course DC is going Obama can go to the local Safeway here and have your picture taken with a life-size wax statue of Barack Obama while munching on Obama Cookies. Pictured here (?) NO, pictured above, some where........Im just gonna add some more pics and then comment on em......

Gonna sign off for now...............We'll have to leave our house on Tues. at 6 AM, to walk the mile and 1/2 to the mall, pass through several layers of security, stand in line for the gates to open at 7 AM, to get a good spot for viewing.............the entertainment starts at 11 am, the ceremony at 12 noon (constitutionally the out-going pres. leaves the office at 12 noon, on the 20th of January after the federal election.) By then the temp is supposed to go up to about 33 Degrees....and remember it's a damp cold.......Right now it's hopefully going up to 29 degrees. These are supposedly record lows.......Yikes!!!


  1. It is all so exciting! Great that you get to go to the Inaugural Ball! Take lots of pics. And- how to get your pics on the blog where you want them - upload them as you did, then double click them and drag and drop them into where you want them in the text (I leave a line or two blank at the end of the paragraph where I want a pic and drop them into there)- hope this helps.
    There are Obama parties going on in Santa Fe - one at Rockin Rollers, one at a mansion on Ridgetop Rd (complete with hot tub and massages for all), one at a gallery on Canyon - all through Pretty exciting! Can't wait for The Big Day.
    Have fun and stay warm!

  2. Hi Dimid and Michael:
    I loved reading your post...and particularly liked the photos. You're doing a great job of "man on the street" reporting. I just wish I had one of those cookies. By the way, I'll wear an extra scarf on Tuesday morning as I curl up in front of my tv set (not widescreen or HD) and say a prayer for warm weather and port-a-potties for you...
    Love you both... jan in Cortez

  3. Thanks for the comments, friends and family, it really helps to know folks are reading and appreciating it all.....Dimid

  4. I am so proud and happy that you are there for all of us, Dimid and Michael. Thank you for the blog and great photos!!
    Love you,

  5. hey boys... thanx for the great moments, i'm so happy to feel this through you!! way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i didn't get to see anything til the evening news!!
    oh happy day, ... oh happy day....
    hugs carol